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05.05.2004 - 12:56 a.m.

Alright, so other than my hopeless search for a 'real' job out here, nothing much has been going on n my life. I'm just enjoying the time I have with Noah while he is here with me and not at BBW.

I miss working. I honestly miss working at Armani, and it's funny here because it's like I have to step down to a Hollister or something that doesn't even hire me anyway because thay don't even know what an Armani Exchange is becasue they never get out of this city. It's sad. I'll probably be working at McDonalds or something like WAWA. (Love you WAWA peeps)

I've been slowly putting the website together piece by piece. I have the Photoshop part pretty much done. The only thing I need now is to get the Dreamweaver crackin' and learn how to put Wordpress, or a blog-type system onto my DNS. Well, it's all confusing. I have, however registered for, and it's officially mine. I'm excited, and Noah is to I hope. We did NOT have sex with that scary thing, I promise.

I miss everyone back in Philly, Tamara, and my Thai peeps in Bangkok. You are in my thoughts.

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